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Anshul Garg

Managing Director

My dream since childhood was to redefine the security measures worldwide. I solemnly believe that the best way to make the world safer is to start believing in the fortunate technology we have right now. I was pretty sure from the beginning about taking up this journey. I knew it will have a beautiful destination but all the years, when I look back, it is hard to resist admiring the journey as well.

I promised myself to make the personal and public spaces safer; it is fantastic to have a feeling of security wherever you go. The world is complex but technology is the only truth, I believe in.

I was working on this idea long back; it has been twenty years since I have implemented the project. The technology has always proved as a great friend of mine, it helped me to place a special place in people's heart. I along with my other teammates worked hard for the inception of Carva all these long years to make the dream of providing secure environment successful.

Carva remains my most ambitious dream and I am working out my heart and soul to keep it on top always with the same priorities. Carva is working on a mission to make the world safer and greener with its security as well as solar products.

We are looking for a better tomorrow with the eyes of Carva.

Thank you.

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