The SL-200QN is a 60m outdoor active infrared (AIR) beam set, wired, which is designed for perimeter security. It can also be connected to an IP network when used in conjunction with our IP/POE module, the PIE-1.


Featuring a customizable design and accurate detection, VX Shield is a series of short range outdoor intrusion detection sensors providing reliability, convenience and security. The VXS series is used to generate an early intrusion alarm, protecting buildings. sites and roofs. The VXS-AM is the hardwired PIR model with anti-masking.


Part of the WXI series, a range of 12m 180 degree outdoor volumetric PIRs, the WXI-ST is the wired model with anti-masking . With its comprehensive 180° field of view and capabilities to adapt its settings to the environment around your premises, the WXI series will provide an effective intrusion detection sensor for new and existing security systems. The left and right alarm detection areas can be set independently at 2.5m, 3.5m, 6m, 8.5m and 12m.


The SL-200TNR is a 60m outdoor battery-powered active beam ideal to protect driveways, open areas and small perimeters. The dual beam set offers a lot of flexibility in terms of power options including using universal CR123 batteries and using a hybrid configuration partly wired, partly wireless.


The SIP-4010-IP features an intelligent detection system that uses data from the ambient environment such as temperature and luminance to automatically adjust the sensitivity and minimize false alarms. The PIR motion sensor is also equipped with anti-masking and anti-rotation features to detect vandalism and tampering.


Designed for remote deployment with no power or communications needed in the field, the indoor and outdoor rated Fiber Defender™ Model FD341 Alarm Processing Unit (APU) utilizes insensitive fiber-optic cable in addition to sensing fiber. The use of insensitive lead-in cable allows the APU to be located up to 20 kilometers away from the protected zone. Movement or vibration in the physical environment causes the sensing fiber to report back to the APU that there is a disturbance.


A high-performance intrusion detection system installed with the FD348R enables remote sensing capabilities up to 20 kilometers away from where the APU is located. This rack-mounted APU offers additional features, such as XML integration via TCP/IP and recording of multiple alarm conditions.


The FD508 incorporates Fiber SenSys’ proprietary and patent-pending technology that has been successfully deployed in thousands of sensors throughout the world, in a versatile fiber-optic sensor. The FD508 detects intruders attempting to climb or cut through fences using a proven high-security technology. Sophisticated algorithms distinguish between actual intruders and “nuisance alarms” that might be caused by wind, wildlife or other environmental conditions. The fiber-optic sensor works by measuring laser signals resulting from potential intruders who vibrate the structure to which the fiber is attached.


The FTN series provides a short range curtain detection that can be adjusted with a switchable lens up to 2m or up to 5m which is ideal to protect front door, windows and balconies. The FTN-R is a battery-operated model. The model features a detachable back box which can accommodate most wireless transmitter available on the market. The FTN-R also features Super Multi Dimension Analysis (SMDA) logic for ultimate sensitivity optimization. Every motion is analyzed before signaling an alarm to reduce false alarms. As a result environment reaction capability becomes 24 times more effective. The FTN-R is a great addition to your over residential home security systems or commercial security systems.

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